Foreign engineers employment assistance service

These days many companies of Japan are going global, and at this stage, employees with excellent quality have become really a big issue. Being an Engineering company, IMAC tries to solve this issue by recruiting the fresh graduated young and talented engineers. Based on our experiences, culturally and characteristically Nepalese people are very much closed to the Japanese People.

Fresh graduated engineers’ employment support program

Nepal is an agricultural based country and has different tourist attraction area. There are very few big companies but has a lot of excellent young engineers. Almost the engineers are not getting the job what they have majored in their engineering courses. So, IMAC is assisting them to find the job in Japanese companies by teaching them the Japanese language in its branch office, TOWA ENGINEERING NEPAL. By doing this service, we, IMAC family, feel very happy and proud because we are getting very good responses from our both parties i.e. from our clients and also from the engineers.

Fresh Nepalese Engineers employment support Model


Fresh Nepalese Engineers employment support Model

  1. Prepare the contract of temporary staffing service.Prepare the contract of the staff with the respective company.
  2. Arrange the video conference interviewEither the staffs of the TOWA NEPAL or other jobseekers are called for interview and explain about the job title and job descriptions from the conference call.
  3. Start Staffing ServiceSelected candidates are called in Japan and start the staffing service with the company.We won’t take any charge until the service with the company begins. Plane fare and dwelling expenses are also borne by our company.
  4. Renewal of the service contractRenewal of the contract will be at least of 3 months.
  5. Employment TransferWhen the 3 years of the contract is completed, the respective company can use the staff as an employee without paying any extra charge. In that case, we don’t interfere about the condition but company itself has to consult with the concerned person to make him/her the regular emplyee.
  6. Rejection of the employmentWithin the period of 3 years、company can cancel the contract at any time.

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